9 Mart 2017 Perşembe


01 - Scuba Death - Mortality Salience
02 - Burnt Friedman - 2010 The Pestle
03 - Brian Eno - Daria
04 - Scuba Death - A Panic Rumbling Beneath
05 - Burnt Friedman - 1994 Sorcier
06 - Kazue Sawai - Harusandai 
07 - Ken Ikeda - Tobira 
08 - Bomb The Bass - Black River (Ft. Mark Lanegan)

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  1. Hitler loved art. Art does not discriminate between dictators and Jews. But dictators and Jews do not accept all of the art. Discrimination exists there.

    We affirm the existence of discrimination. But we should not encourage discrimination. Also, do not create new discrimination. We must protest against those who discriminate.

    We believe in the power of music. Do not allow people to bring discrimination into music. We must eliminate the influence of politics. Music is an art beyond politics.

    Do not forgive those who oppress art.


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